Women's Running, a magazine that launched this January, selected Carla as their featured expert to kick off their inaugural issue. You can read her columns at http://www.womensrunningmag.com or the In the News section of the website.



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Due to lack of demand, all group training programs have been cancelled until further notice.  Coach Carla is available for online and phone coaching.


There are no more excuses not to start a fitness routine … Now is the time! "Start Right Women's Fitness Program" is a 13-week walking and running training program for women 18 years and older who wish to start a fitness routine.

Coach Carla Gregor will coach the weekly workout sessions to encourage and train women new to running or women interested in increasing their running distance. The program includes group workouts and speakers and covers topics including everything from instruction in training, recommendations on shoes, injury prevention, cross-training, safety, proper techniques, rehabilitating injuries and more.

The each training program is limited to 50 registrants in order for the Coach Carla Gregor to spend individual one-on-one training with each woman. Each participant is responsible for maintaining and submitting training log-sheets to the coach on a weekly basis. This allows the coach to monitor each woman's progression and be alert to any possible injuries. The "Start Right Women's Fitness Program" offers constant motivation, individual one-on-one support, and the camaraderie of your fellow female runners. On the last week of training the coach sets up a mock 5K race for the women to run. The course is developed with everything that would happen in a sanctioned race environment, including pace markers, cheering crowds, water stops, an elaborate finish line and awards. Every woman who graduates from this program does so as a self-confident runner ready to proceed to the next level of training.

CURRENT TRAINING PROGRAMS: Proceed to the training tab to the left for more details on each individual training program for March, April and May 2010.

WEATHER-RELATED INFORMATION: Each program will be conducted rain or shine. Due to safety reasons, the only time a program will not be conducted on a scheduled training day is when there is lightning.

QUESTIONS: Please contact Coach Carla Gregor at (703) 407-7470 or by e-mail at support@startrightfitness.com.



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